9 Benefits of Taking A Personality Test

Personality tests have been there for a long time but these have gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. These days a lot of companies and organizations use personality tests as pre-employment testing. These are also extremely useful for people who are looking to change

6 Benefits Of Taking A Career Test

Those that are going through challenges of getting jobs and experiencing life after formal education would benefit greatly from getting a career assessment. Understanding your own personal attributes in different disciplines can be crucial to understanding what career choices you should make. Taking a career assessment can

Amazing – APM Scores Jump with Nootropics

I’ve been a casual StarCraft II player for a long time.  My son on the other hand is an outstanding player. Conversely I am a pretty good speed chess player and my son is an average speed chess player. I decided it would be interesting to see

Review of Best Nootropics for Memory and Focus

We will be talking about cognitive enhancers, better known as smart drugs, and the word they are becoming synonymous with — nootropics.  I have my own awesome experience to relate as well, further into the article. What are Nootropics? Corneliu E. Giurgea, a Romanian psychologist and chemist,

13 Online Brain Training Resources

Here you’ll see that we’ve put together 13 online brain training resources.  The most well known out of the 13 is Luminosity of which I have a membership.  I must say that after 5-7 days I saw a rather dramatic improvement in my memory.  I will create

10 Brain Facts That May Surprise You

1. Brain surgery has been around for a very long time.  When you came down with severe headaches or sickness some cultures would drill holes in the skull to try and alleviate the pain our cure the illness. 2. Just because you or someone you know has

Brain Health

Your brain is arguably the most important and complex organ in your body.  At least I’m sure your brain thinks it’s right there towards the top. So why do we treat it so badly?  It doesn’t get enough sleep, we feed it all kinds of processed foods,