9 Benefits of Taking A Personality Test

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Personality tests have been there for a long time but these have gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. These days a lot of companies and organizations use personality tests as pre-employment testing. These are also extremely useful for people who are looking to change their career or who want to enter a new industry.

Internet has only made taking these tests easier. There are a lot of websites that offer a variety of personality tests and help people in finding out more about them and their behavior.

Some people don’t like the personality tests as these tests ask questions about them and then present them with the results based on those questions. These people believe that they are the authority on them and a test cannot help them in learning something new about them.

However, everyone has a lot of hidden personality traits that help in explaining the behavior of a person in certain situations. There are a number of benefits of taking a personality test. Here is a small list of those benefits:

1. Help People in Building an Identity

Everyone wants to have a coherent identity. Sometimes, it is not possible to have a sense of that identity without certain clues and without a clear view of their own self. Building an identity helps people in understanding their own behavior and help people understand more about their likes and dislikes.

Personality tests help in providing hard data to describe them in a more accurate manner.

Building an identity also helps people in setting up the relevant goals and engaging in useful activities that help them in achieving those goals. In simple terms, these personality tests help in cleaning up the mental picture a person may have of him or her.

2. Better Career Opportunities

One of the biggepersonality test historic figurest benefits of taking a personality test is that it helps in specifying the personality type and significant characteristics of an individual. This helps the individual in identifying industries where he or she can be more successful.

For instance, if a personality test identifies an individual as being more introvert but creative that individual will have a far higher chances of success in an industry that requires creativity but less interaction with others. Such an individual is less likely to succeed in a sales role.

Similarly, people who have an extrovert personality are less likely to succeed in an environment or in an industry that does not require too much interaction with others.

3. Helps Gain Self Confidence

These tests help people in identifying their strengths and weaknesses which in turn can help a lot in gaining self-confidence. These tests provide a whole summary of one’s thoughts when taken seriously.

These help an individual in identifying the traits that make a person unique and different from others. It also helps in explaining why some people feel bad when they see a homeless person on the street whereas others just see a failure.

4. Helps in Identifying Communications Style

Whether one admits it or not, the truth is everyone struggles with communication in one form or another. A high-quality personality test can help people in having a better grip on their communication style and help them in finding ways to communicate better with others at work and in life.

5. Stress Reduction

If one does not understand self, he or she will always be under undue stress as one won’t be able to explain certain behaviors in certain situations and the source of particular emotional reaction in those situations.

Better understanding of one’s own self can help an individual get a better understand of the emotional reaction in a certain situation that leads to stress reduction.

6. It helps in Defining Better Career Goals

Personality tests help in finding out the natural tendencies of a person. This is extremely useful for jobseekers as it helps them understand their own strengths and better present their abilities to potential employers. Self-awareness also helps in better communication and in better connection with others. It also allows a person to tell the story in a better manner during the interviews.

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It also has many long-term benefits as understanding the unconscious decisions a person makes everyday allows one to better plan long-term career goals. This also allows one to refocus and rework existing career goals and helps one in plotting the next move.

7. These Help in Justifying Behavior

It won’t be wrong to say that many people are sometimes surprised of their own behavior. However, the knowledge provided by personality tests can help them in explaining their actions.

8. These Offer a Chance to Correct Weaknesses

One of the biggest benefits of these personality tests is that it makes a person self-aware and helps him in overcoming weaknesses in time. For instance, if an individual has a jealous tendency, it can help him in becoming aware of it and making friends instead of enemies in certain situations.

Similarly, if a personality test states that a person is argumentative; it will help that person in holding off any kind of rebuttal and help him or her consider the other viewpoint with an open mind.

9. It Helps in Finding the Right Employees

Employee personality tests help in determining the long-term personality of a potential employee. It is important for an employer to ensure that the person they are going to hire will be the right fit for the company culture and for that particular job.

There are number of online as well as off-line personality tests available these days. One can find many free personality tests online with a simple search on one of the many big search engines. Perhaps the most popular type of personality test is the Myers Briggs personality test that is based on theories of Carl Jung. There are also other tests such as the Enneagram Psychospiritual Typology and the Max Luscher Color Test among many others.

The best way to make use of a personality test is to look for strengths as well as weaknesses. It is also important to go over the results of a personality test with an expert who understands the results and has the ability to explain various personality traits in detail to the test taker.