Brain Health

Food for thought - Brain Health

Your brain is arguably the most important and complex organ in your body.  At least I’m sure your brain thinks it’s right there towards the top.

So why do we treat it so badly?  It doesn’t get enough sleep, we feed it all kinds of processed foods, pollute the oxygen it receives by smoking.  It is being used and abused all day and all night.

This site is also a place that others can come and have a laugh or two, download ‘for free’ some of the brain strengthening/exercise books I’ve purchased and have the rights to make available to you.  More importantly I hope to add a couple of articles each week that detail the process we all go through when rationalizing the fact that someone you love has a failed memory.

We all have close personal attachments to our brains, at least I sure hope so, although I have an attachment to another person’s brain, my fathers.  My father was diagnosed with dementia and then later with Alzheimer’s disease.  You can say this site is a therapy site to help get through the day and to deal with the issues that come up when someone in your family has that terrible, and as of today, incurable disease.

This is not going to be a doom and gloom web site, no it is definitely not.  You see there is continuous research being done in the field of Alzheimer’s and dementia.  It is my firm conviction that it will be remedied, that is my hope.

I will not be writing about the latest research that details the brain of a mouse is showing signs of improvement with isotope xyz (I know isotopes aren’t used for curing diseases, it just sounded cool).

To try and help slow down the effects of the disease I have taken it upon myself to start trying all natural supplements that are freely available, either at your corner WalMart or via some corner of the Internet.  There is a lot of hype and hyperbole around some of these supplements, so I will only be writing about the ones that seem to show signs of working.

I am no scientist and will not be conducting any double-blind, turn-your-head-and-cough studies.  The results I get and later report will be purely subjective opinions of mine.  I will have a series of tests that I repeat for each supplement which I take to determine if there really is something going on or it just happens to be a ‘Calgone’ moment.  The goal is to find something that I think works and then have my Father give it a try and see his results.