My Complete Triangle of Tenacity Routine to Give You a New Start!

Physical Activity: 30 - 45 minutes per day
Mental Exercise: Dual N-Brain 25 minutes per day
Nutritional: 5 Days On, 2 Days Off
Nootropic Stack: MindBoost Complete 2x per day
Total Time per day: 55-70 minutes.

What I am sharing with you, what I call my Triangle of Tenacity Routine,  I have never shared before. This routine is what has taken me from feeling down and out with a heavy brain fog to feeling like I'm 28 years old again. I have a renewed sense of well-being, my vitality and vigor are back, my mind is clear and sharp, and my body, while maybe not looking like it did when I was 28, looks pretty damn good for a guy in his mid-40's!

​​Here is my routine and philosophy! I am in the process of writing a book about my routine (it was suggested that I should write something by the owner of the gym I attend). I will be offering it here on first! Many of my friends that haven't seen me in over six months are hard pressed to recognize me now.

25 Mins a day or 20 Games, whichever comes first (5 days a week).

You can read all the self-help and brain exercise books that you want, but nothing, and I mean nothing has come close to the monstrous changes I have seen in my mental capacity by using the following software: Dual N-Back

Best of all it is completely free to download.

Listen-up!  You will get frustrated with this game.  Keep at it and you will be amazed!

1.) Run, Jog, or Power Walk ​30 Mins a day (6 days a week).  Get your heart rate to 50%-69% of your resting heart rate.  For me it is around 140 beats per minutes.  Determine yours here Target Heart Rate.
2.) Optional - 3 Sets of Hindu Push-Ups (Check'em out here).
3.) Optional - 3 Sets of regular Push-Ups (Push-Ups the right way).
4.) Optional - 3 Sets of Squats (Squats the right-way)
5.) Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates or your favorite solo sport.

Obviously these exercises are not for everyone.  Most importantly is to get your Aerobic Exercise into your day!  For your mind to change your body must change.  If I only had to pick one, then I would pick something from #1. That is where you will benefit the most.

​This is probably the most difficult.  All of our bodies are different and respond differently to sugars, fats, and proteins.

What I have found to work the best, and I've been doing this now for well over 10 months, is a Paleo style diet.  They are all over the Internet and in books stores.  The one that I found after a couple of months of trial and error is this Paleo Recipe Book it is not free (only $25 and includes 350+ Paleo Recipes!), but this is one of those times that you get what you pay for, in this case you get way more than you pay for!
This is by far the best and most helpful guide I have been able to find.  If you don't want to spend the $25 then it is real easy to search for Paleo Diet and come up with some good ideas.

MindBoost Complete

​This is the proverbial icing on the cake. This is what ties my Triangle of Tenacity together.

With MindBoost Day I have energy to complete my exercise routine in the morning and head off to work refreshed and mentally ready for the day ahead!

With MindBoost Night I am able to rest easy and sleep even after a difficult and stressful day.  It help ease me into a deep slumber and wake up clear and frosty for the day ahead.

There are no other words to describe what this Nootropic stack has done for me and my life, other than AMAZING!

I can not underscore the importance of the MindBoost Nootropics in my Triangle of Tenacity routine. I ran the same routine for almost 3 months. I was exhausted and mentally fatigued by the end of the week. It wasn't until I started taking MindBoost Complete​ for two weeks that I was increasing my exercise repetitions, I was jogging quicker, and my Dual N-Back scores jumped!

Don't simply take my word for it.  Head over to the SimpleSmartSciencesite and read more testimonials and then make your decision.  Here is the kicker.  You can try their incredible MindBoost Nootropics Risk Free.  They have a 120-day Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee.